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Broken Bones Cause Lost Wages And Major Life Changes

Even after surgery from a highly skilled doctor, you may never regain a full range of motion after a fracture. If you are a senior and suffer a fractured hip or broken bone, the quality of your life may be significantly impacted. If you have a young child who has suffered a broken bone, you may need to take time off of work and may need to provide long-term care to your child. If you are a working adult and you fracture one of your limbs, you may miss work and lose career opportunities.

Experienced Injury Attorneys Are Vital

That’s why it’s important to work with experienced attorneys. At Heller Law Firm, APC, we have more than 40 years of experience and a history of favorable outcomes. We will take all of the details of your life into consideration when we pursue the maximum amount of compensation available. If someone or some business or government entity contributed to or caused your fracture, we are prepared to help.

Contact us if you have suffered a broken bone or other serious injury in California in any of the following cases:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycles and bus accidents often lead to severe fractures.
  • Premises liability — Poor conditions at nursing homes, publicly maintained parks, schools and businesses can lead to slip-and-fall accidents that can lead to serious fractures.
  • Birth injury — Delivery mistakes often lead to broken bones that may cause lifelong challenges.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents — These lead to some of the most serious fractures.

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