Trucking Companies Wake up to Dangers of Distracted Driving

A new survey has welcome news for Los Angeles trucking accident lawyers. The study finds that many trucking companies now have policies in place to help reduce the risk of a distracted driving accident involving their fleet drivers.

The study found that as many as 71% of companies have already adopted strict anti-distracted driving policies in their workplace, and out of the 29% of companies that currently do not have an anti-distracted driving policy, as many as 52% are working on establishing a policy like this in the workplace. More than half expect to have an anti-distracted driving policy in their company over the next year.

However, in spite of all these efforts, trucking companies don’t seem to be very strongly convinced about the success of these policies. Only about 32% reported being very confident about reducing distracted driving involving fleet drivers through these policies.

Part of the reason seems to be that these policies are hard to enforce. About 81% of the companies or a majority said that they currently enforce these policies by insisting that employees sign a written policy statement or agreement that they will refrain from using a cell phone while operating a vehicle. About 76% of the companies rely on training programs to help enforce their policies.

In other words, voluntary enforcement seems to be key to the success of these policies. Not surprisingly, the trucking companies in the study are also examining the use of technology and software to reduce the risk of distracted driving involving fleet drivers. As many as 22% of the trucking companies are currently exploring other technologies, like cell phone blocking technologies, and other software to help reduce distracted driving risks.