Tesla car crashes and burns in California

A car made by Tesla, which was powered by lithium ion batteries, was stolen from a California dealership in the middle of the night. Police have indicated that the robbery happened near midnight. A chase between the police and the car’s driver eventually ensued, with the car leading police along at 100 miles per hour at times. Some of the police cars were involved in accidents during pursuit.

Finally, the whole thing came to an end when the Tesla car, known as a Model S, hit multiple vehicles and then slammed into a pole. The impact was enough to tear the vehicle into pieces, and the batteries from inside the car were thrown out into the street.

That is when things got even worse, at least for Tesla. The lithium ion batteries started to catch on fire. Reports indicated that they were popping and burning, and some equated the scene to the fireworks from the recent Fourth of July holiday weekend. Bystanders documented the scene by recording the burning batteries and the wreckage with video cameras on their cell phones.

As a result, stock in Tesla dipped. The shares fell in value by 2.9 percent, which meant that they were worth $222.66. The company is reportedly going to study the wreckage when they can get it from the police.

Tesla has sold about 30,000 vehicles all over the world. On multiple occasions, those that have crashed have caught on fire. However, the CEO did point out that no one had been killed in an accident – a fact that held true in this newest case. Nevertheless, seven different injuries were reported during the incident.

As innovations in vehicle technology continue to develop, it’s important for both manufacturers and consumers to stay abreast of any new ways in which a vehicle could potentially cause harm. In any case, when someone suffers from an injury after a car accident, they should make sure that they know what legal rights they have to compensation if they end up with costly medical bills.

Source: Source: Wall Street Journal, “Tesla Shares Down After Stolen Vehicle Crash in California,” Mike Ramsey, July 7, 2014