Scientists Regenerate Muscles Using Pig Tissue

In what California personal injury lawyers believe is a ground breaking new development to help persons who have had muscle and tissue blown away in explosions, scientists are reporting progress in regenerating human muscle using animal parts.

The US Defense Department’s Office of Technology Transition is financing an 80-patient trial that will focus on the development and growth of muscles using animal tissue. The trial will include soldiers as well as civilians. Researchers involved in the study have already experimented on a veteran and some other patients, and have been successful in using animal scaffolding or extracellular metrics to rebuild human tissue.

The veteran, who was part of the initial experiments, had lost much of his thigh muscle during a roadside bomb explosion in Afghanistan. In this case, the scientists found that over a period of time, the extracellular metrics began the process of encouraging the growth of tissues and organs in the body, inducing stem cells to arrive at the site of the body where they evolved into muscle cells.

Researchers now believe that this “scaffolding” not only helps hold the cells in their proper position, but also encourages the body to repair tissues and organs. The researchers are using materials from a number of animals, including pigs, in order to boost the growth of replacement tissue in the bodies of persons who have suffered extensive muscle and tissue loss as a result of explosions.

Over a period of time, this technique of building muscle and tissue could be used to help persons who suffer muscle and tissue loss as a result of serious injuries in explosions.