Researchers Unveil New Putty to Heal Broken Bones Faster

Broken bones and fractures are some the most frequent car accident-related injuries that California personal injury lawyers come across. Scientists at the University of Georgia have developed a new product that would help heal fractures and broken bones much faster.

The researchers wanted to develop a quicker bone healing procedure. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer fractures in car and motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, work place accidents, and as a result of violent assaults. These broken bones take weeks, and in the case of complex fractures, even months to heal.

The researchers were looking for strategies that would accelerate the healing process for broken bones. They used adult stem cells that produce a protein which boosts bone healing and regeneration. The adult stem cells were added to a gel, creating a kind of ‘fracture putty.’ The researchers used this putty to treat broken bones in rats.

They found that two weeks after the injury, the rats with broken bones were running about on their hind legs. They showed no evidence of the injury. Tests are now being conducted on pigs and sheep.

According to the researchers, the tests have yielded excellent results in small animals, and they are now progressing to tests on large animals. It will be a while before human medical trials are conducted. The research has been funded by the US Department of Defense. The human trials will depend on whether the funding is continued. If the researchers are able to show good results using the fracture putty on larger animals, then they may push for human trials too.

The researchers are also studying a number of other uses of the putty, including using it to improve the outcomes of spinal fusion surgery.