Relatives of boardwalk death victim file premises liability suit

Relatives of an Italian tourist who was killed on a California boardwalk in 2013 have filed a civil suit against the city of Los Angeles, claiming that the boardwalk visitors were vulnerable to fatal accidents. Family members have filed a premises liability suit. The 32-year-old woman was killed in early August when a driver swerved onto the Venice boardwalk, plowing over pedestrians. More than a dozen other victims were injured in the incident.

City officials have not made statements about the claim. However, the lawsuit comes to light at the same time as the release of new information about security and safety improvements that could be made at the boardwalk. The Department of Recreation and Parks authorities say the facility could improve their system by including barrier systems, security cameras and even simply better lighting. Temporary barriers were installed shortly after the incident, according to city officials.

Authorities say the driver in the case is facing a murder charge, along with several counts of assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of the accident. He categorically denies any responsibility for the wreck, saying he never intended to hurt anyone. The man reportedly became flustered after experiencing difficulty with his new vehicle. He said he was struggling to shift the Dodge Avenger into a different gear when he accidentally sent the vehicle plowing into the crowd of unprotected people.

Californians should be able to visit retail stores on the boardwalk without worrying about inadequate security that would create hazardous conditions. Cities should be responsible enough to erect barriers to protect such visitors. The consequences of that failure can be dire; victims’ families may be able to seek financial compensation from those negligent parties. A qualified California attorney may be able to help victims’ relatives get the money they need and deserve after just such a tragic accident.

Source: Los Angeles Wave, “Relatives of woman killed on boardwalk file claim with city” Wave Wire Services, Jan. 31, 2014