Protect Children from Pedestrian Accidents this Halloween

With Halloween almost upon us, it is time for parents and Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers to focus on safety for children during this holiday.

Thousands of children will be out trick-or-treating on Los Angeles streets on Halloween night. However, it’s important to remember that this is one of the most dangerous days of the year for children. In fact, almost twice as many children are killed in pedestrian accidents when they are trick-or-treating on Halloween, than on any other day of the year.

This year, Safe Kids USA is partnering with FedEx to sponsor an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about safety for children on Halloween. You do not want to stop children from going out on Halloween, but you can teach them how to keep themselves safe on the streets. The Safe Kids/FedEx Program will conduct events at specific local sites. Children will be provided with reflective materials to make their costumes more visible in the dark. Parents and children will also be given important safety information to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Drivers need to be extra careful this Halloween. Motorists can expect a dramatically increased child pedestrian population during the holiday. What makes the chances of a pedestrian accident even higher is that these children may not be focused on traffic rules. In fact, safety may be the furthest thing on a child’s mind, occupied as it with candies and treats.

If your child is below 12, he or she should not be out trick-or-treating alone. Costumes must be colorful, preferably in light colors. Stick reflective tape on costumes, and avoid masks.

Children above 12 must be taught basic pedestrian safety tips, including crossing the street only at crosswalks, and the proper use of traffic signals. They must be taught to walk on sidewalks and to avoid darting out from between parked vehicles and into busy traffic.