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A defective product can seriously injure or kill you. Injuries and deaths generally result from one of three causes: defective design, manufacturing error or a failure to warn the consumer about possible harm. A product liability claim can compensate you for personal injury or wrongful death of a loved one caused by a defective product.

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We handle complex personal injury and wrongful death cases caused by negligent product manufacturers. Our attorneys have developed relationships with top experts in the field of product liability, including medical professionals, engineers, failure analysts and others. Our product liability specialties include defective and recalled medical devices.

Understanding The Three Types Of Product Liability Claims

In general, there are at least three types of product defects that can eventually lead to an injury or death:

  • Design defects occur in the product planning stages, before the product is created.
  • Manufacturing defects as the product is being made. Even a minor flaw can render a product extremely dangerous.
  • Failure to warn of a foreseeable risk.
  • Marketing defects occur when sellers of the product — wholesale or retail — do not provide adequate warnings as to potential risk of injury or death, or do not provide proper instructions on the safe use of the product.

Prepared To Handle A Wide Range Of Cases

Injuries arising from defective products can range from burns or electrical shocks to amputation, traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage. These injuries may require extensive medical treatment and plastic surgery. Defective products often cause wrongful death.

Our firm has successfully represented clients in products liability and defective products cases in Los Angeles County and throughout California. We have helped clients recover damages in cases involving household products, packaging, industrial equipment, motor vehicles, bicycles, medical devices, dietary supplements and many other types of products. We might hope that products for children would be held to a higher standard, but this just isn’t the case — and the results can be tragic.

While firearms may seem to be inherently dangerous, product liability claims are still possible if the injury can be linked to a defect.

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