Police car and dump truck collide in California, injuring 2

A police cruiser that was being operated for the L.A. School Police Department rammed into a dump truck in California, and two officers were seriously injured in the accident. In fact, initial reports indicated that they were both considered to be in critical condition, but the medical crews were able to update that to stable condition after they were given care at a local medical center.

It was also reported that the officers were able to talk to the medical crews who were treating them, and their injuries were then classified as being non life-threatening.

The police have not determined what caused the crash or who was at fault at this time. They are still investigating the accident.

Photos from the scene show that the police car was absolutely mangled in the wreck. It even appears that some parts of it may have had to be cut away in order to free the officers inside.

The driver of the dump truck that was involved in the collision had the option to get medical care, but it was declined.

The crash occurred right around 8 in the morning, according to the reports that were provided by the Los Angeles Fire Department. It took place on Arleta Avenue, and it was within the 8500 block.

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Source: KTLA, “2 Officers Injured After L.A. School Police Car Collides With Dump Truck in Sun Valley” Tracy Bloom, Kimberly Cheng and Anthony Kurzweil, Aug. 01, 2014