Trucking Company Negligence Attorney

No one wants to demonize truck drivers. But even a hardworking truck driver can become fatigued or be impaired by other problems when trying to keep up with an overly demanding trucking company schedule.

When fatigue, impairment or some other issue causes a truck accident, you need a trusted law firm to turn to when seeking compensation for your injuries. At Heller Law Firm, APC, we have a widely respected track record of helping clients obtain compensation in trucking and other injury cases. To arrange a free consultation about your specific circumstances, give us a call at 818-591-6388.

Thorough Investigation To Get The Facts Out

Thorough investigation is especially important in truck accident cases. There are many aspects to this, from getting driver logbooks to checking for “hours-of-service” violations to inquiring about motor carrier compliance with numerous industry regulations.

In other words, in order to determine responsibility for your accident, a painstaking process of probing into trucking company records is often in order. Our lawyers have the ability to ferret out what is important in order to marshal the facts in support of your claim.

Guiding You Toward A Fair Resolution

Getting the facts is necessary, but not sufficient. Our team also has the negotiation and trial skills to work with insurance companies and other responsible parties toward an outcome that protects your rights and interests. This is not idle claim; we have a track record of successful cases to prove it.

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