NYC Deliveryman Struck by Car Receives $6 Million Jury Award

June 4, 2005 started out like every other day for Brooklyn-based delivery man Jing Xue Jiang. The 26-year-old set out on his bicycle to delivery takeout food, but never made it to his destination – he was struck in an intersection by Jamaal Freeman, who was driving a rental car at the time and ran a red light.

Jiang’s injuries were extensive, including fractures to his spine, leg, and forearm, as well as a severe concussion and a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Jiang was out of work for nearly six months, and claims to suffer lasting cognitive and physical impairment as a result of the accident. Recently, a jury awarded Jiang a total of $6 million in damages from the incident, covering his medical expenses and past, current, and future suffering.

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