NSC Marks Safety Month in June

Every year, millions of Americans are injured in a number of preventable accidents that range all the way from workplace accidents to car accidents. The National Safety Council is marking the month of June as National Safety Month, and has planned a number of programs aimed at increasing awareness about injury prevention.

This entire month, the National Safety Council will dedicate one week to a single injury theme. There are a number of themes planned, including employee wellness, motor vehicle safety, slip and fall accidents and ergonomics.

The month kicked off with a focus on employee health and wellness, and week two was dedicated to ergonomics. The other two weeks will be dedicated to preventing motor vehicle accidents, and slip and fall accidents. The group is encouraging organizations to become involved in this initiative, and take responsibility to increase awareness among their employees about preventing injuries.

The injuries that the National Safety Council is focusing on preventing this June are preventable. The timing of the commemoration is especially appropriate because summer, which tends to be the most injurious time of the year for American citizens, is here. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers find that more people are injured while performing the most routine activities like driving or eating during summer, than other times of the year. Further, there is also an increase in the number of drowning and near-drowning incidents reported during summer.

Organizations or safety groups that want to participate in the initiative have access to a number of resources that are available for free download on the National Safety Council website. There are resources for canoeing safety, skating, playground and skateboarding safety, safe bicycling tips, fireworks safety, and prevention of sun and heat exposure. There’s also a special section for children and the need for prevention of injuries involving children during summer.