No Need for CT Scans for Kids with Abdominal Injuries

The risk of radiation overexposure and the injuries resulting from such overexposure have been in the headlines recently, after several hospitals across the country were found to have exposed patients to excessive levels of radiation. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers find that unnecessary radiation exposure can have serious consequences in children. A new study finds that children who have suffered abdominal injuries do not necessarily need CT scans.

The results of the study have been published in the February issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine. The researchers analyzed more than 1,000 children from across the country, which had suffered blunt force trauma in the abdominal region, and had been rushed to a hospital emergency room.

The study found that the need for CT scan use in children with abdominal injuries can be reduced if doctors in the emergency room assess the presence of 7 factors when they are examining children. The researchers identified 7 factors that correspond to a possibly serious injury that requires emergency intervention. They recommend that when doctors evaluate children who have suffered an abdominal injury, they look for signs of trauma on the chest or abdomen, the presence of pain or tenderness in the abdominal region, neurological changes as well as any abnormal breathing sounds.

If the child does not have any of these symptoms, the doctors found that the chance that the child would require a CT scan was just about .1%. In other words, if the child does not suffer from any of these symptoms, the CT scan is probably not necessary for him. A CT scan in this case would simply expose a child to unnecessary radiation, exposing him to injury risks.