MA Couple Wins Nearly $2M in Malpractice Suit Against Hospital

In 2004, Millsbury, Massachusetts resident Laura Ginsi ‘s husband Joseph called to tell her that he was going to St. Vincent Hospital in nearby Worcester, complaining of feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and generally unwell.

That event set off a two-month-long downward spiral of worsening health and unclear diagnoses. Later, Ginsi was transferred to large hospital in Boston, where it was determined that he had suffered several strokes and was suffering from brain cancer. In a medical malpractice suit that the couple recently filed against St. Vincent Hospital, it was claimed that the delay in diagnosis and proper cancer treatment lead to a number of irreversible health conditions, including blindness and the loss of ability to walk by himself. A jury agreed — and ordered the hospital to pay the couple a combined $1,894,160 in damages. Have you or a loved one suffered because of improper medical care? If so, let our team of experts explain your legal options. Contact the California medical malpractice attorneys at The Heller Law Firm, APC for a free consultation, or call us direct at 800-992-9947. You will hear from us either the same day or within 24 hours.