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Los Angeles Drivers Ranked Among Worst in the Country

Los Angeles drivers have an almost 50% higher likelihood of being involved in an accident, compared to the national average. Los Angeles motorists also have a gap of just about 6.6 years between accidents.

Other California cities did not fare much better. In San Diego, California, motorists had about 8.8 years between accidents, and were approximately 14% more likely to be involved in an accident, compared to the national average, while in Sioux Falls in South Dakota, the safest city in the country, motorists spent almost 14 years between accidents.

In California, the most accident-prone cities were San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fullerton, and Glendale. Overall, 45 California cities featured on the Allstate list. California’s safest city was Visalia, which ranked at number 24 on the list. In Visalia according to Allstate, the average motorist will be involved in an accident every 11 years.

There are a number of reasons why drivers in California rank so low in the report. For one thing, California’s congested cities and perennial traffic problems seem to contribute to feelings of road rage, manifested in aggressive driving. Additionally, motorists in California, especially in cities like Los Angeles, are accustomed to an auto-centric culture that is focused on the automobile as the “star” of the road. Many of the auto safety problems that you find in California are linked to the refusal by many drivers to share the road safely with others. Many motorists in California seem to believe that the roads are meant solely for their own use with no place for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

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