Know your rights on another person’s property in California

It is crucial that anyone in California who is injured while on another person’s property knows exactly what rights he or she has. Everyone has the right to be safe from injury during daily life, but a negligent property owner may strip him or her of that right, leading directly to debt because of things like high medical bills, lost wages and more. When these types of injuries occur, action may need to be taken quickly to make sure that any subsequent difficulties can be avoided.

The first thing that it is good to know more about is how these accidents occur. Some of the most common injuries stem from:

– Slip and fall accidents.

– Trip and fall accidents.

– Animal attacks and dog bites.

– Exposure to materials that are a health hazard.

– Drownings on properties with swimming pools or hot tubs.

– Burn injuries caused by electrical fires.

– Poor security or poor lighting around a property.

Of course, people should always try to act safely and responsibly when they can, but this will not always prevent these injuries from happening. It will not always keep people safe when others are being negligent and disrespecting their basic rights.

So, what should you do if you are hurt in one of the ways listed above or in another way that you think is the fault of the property owner? To learn more and to make sure that you are very clear on what rights you hold, you may want to take a look at our webpage on dangerous conditions and personal injury claims.