Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Cited for Safety Violations

Federal inspectors recently found a string of safety violations at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Inspection reports indicate that most of the violations were found in operating rooms which were found to have low sanitation and hygiene levels.

According to the report which has been released to the Los Angeles Times, federal inspectors found that several rooms at the hospital had damaged ceilings. The rooms were dusty and cluttered. Inspectors also found that operating rooms were maintained at wrong humidity levels, which can contribute to the growth of disease-causing germs.

Additionally, inspectors also found that hospital personnel were not following proper hand washing and hand hygiene procedures. Proper hand washing procedures are some of the most basic steps that healthcare personnel can take to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. According to the report, the hospital isn’t doing enough to eliminate the risk of deadly hospital-acquired infections.

The report came after inspections were conducted earlier this year, and provides such damning evidence of poor hospital hygiene levels that the federal government is considering taking action to revoke Medicare funding for the institution. Revocation of Medicare funding could possibly shut down Harbor-UCLA altogether.

According to the hospital, it has taken note of the report, and has addressed some of the concerns mentioned in the report. Hospital officials say that they have now implemented several changes in procedures, including conducting weekly audits of infection risks. There has also been a focus on training staff to comply with hand-washing procedures.

California medical malpractice lawyers find that these infection risks at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center are also heightened due to the large number of patients that the hospital now sees every day. The Martin Luther King Jr/Drew Medical Center closed down in 2007, and this has resulted in a massive influx of patients to Harbor-UCLA.