Greyhound settles personal injury suits, others go to trial

Greyhound Lines, the operator of the massive bus service throughout the nation, has reached a settlement with the California family of a victim who died during a tragic 2010 wreck. That is just one example of more than a dozen similar personal injury and wrongful death suits that were filed in connection with the wreck, which occurred on July 22, 2010. Official reports showed that the passenger bus struck an SUV that had overturned on the freeway; the collision sent the bus rolling down an embankment and into a tree.

Official reports show that the bus company will pay $2.1 million to the family members of this accident victim. The wrongful death suit was brought by the 79-year-old victim’s wife, who was also among the passengers on the bus when it crashed. A local attorney confirmed that other passengers have received settlements in the matter, but the amounts of money received for those claims have not yet been disclosed.

Several people were killed in the wreck, including the young occupants of the SUV, ages 18 to 20, along with the 57-year-old driver of the bus. Three of the bus’s 31 occupants also perished in the collision. Several other victims were actually thrown from the bus. Attorneys for the victims say that the bus driver was liable for the crash, because he was driving too fast and being an inattentive driver. Those claims were supported by evidence that the bus driver did not brake hard before striking the SUV. Further investigation revealed that the driver of the SUV was intoxicated at the time of the wreck.

In all, 16 suits have been compiled into a single trial that will start in April. Those victims chose not to settle with the company. Victims of serious motor vehicle accidents deserve to be compensated by the negligent driver and his or her employer. Many of these victims may be eligible for compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering and a variety of other claims.

Source:, “Greyhound settles several lawsuits over fatal 2010 Fresno bus crash” Tim Sheehan, Dec. 10, 2013