Feds Investigating Chevy Cruze, Jeep Wrangler Fires

There have been 6 reports of incidents involving serious fires breaking out in the Chevrolet Cruze and the Jeep Wrangler SUV. Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that it has begun an investigation into these fires.

The models involved in the investigation include the Chevrolet 2011 Cruze and the 2010 Wrangler. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are no reports of any fatalities arising as a result of these fires. However, in all these incidents, there was significant property damage. The fires damaged all 6 vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it has received reports of 2 fires involving the 2011 Cruze. In both the cases, the cars were completely burnt, and the fires broke out when the car was in operation. In one case, the driver noticed smoke coming out of the hood, while he was driving long distance. When he stopped the car, flames began to engulf the car. The flames blazed through the car within 5 minutes. There was no warning light on the driver’s dashboard.

General Motors is assuring consumers that there have been no fatalities or serious injuries from these auto fires.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also aware of 8 reports of fires that involved the 2010 Wrangler models. In most of these cases, the fire broke out when the vehicles were in operation. In some cases, the vehicles were completely destroyed. In one of the cases, the Wrangler owner told the agency that the vehicle was in park mode, and had been running when the car finally stopped. When the person tried to restart the vehicle, the car burst into flames.

One of the lessons that Los Angeles personal injury lawyers drew from the Ford Pinto exploding gas tank crisis of the 70s, is that persons in a burning car may have little time to evacuate a vehicle to prevent injuries or fatalities. The agency needs to speed up its investigation to make sure that owners of these popular vehicles are not at risk of injuries.