Doctoral student killed in hit-and-run motor vehicle accident

An East Coast woman has reportedly suffered catastrophic injuries in a fatal car accident in California. The victim, a doctoral student at the local Scripps Institution of Oceanography, died after she was struck by an alleged drunk driver. The man who is thought to have caused the hit-and-run motor vehicle accident has since been arrested by California authorities.

Official reports show that the victim was struck as she was in a crosswalk that traversed a busy street in Del Mar, California. The accident victim was walking with a friend when she was hit by a car that ran a stop sign. That woman’s friend was able to leap out of the way of the oncoming car, but the decedent was not so lucky. She was transported to the Scripps Memorial Hospital in nearby La Jolla, and she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

A 41-year-old man who reportedly owned the vehicle involved in the car accident has been arrested in connection with the case. That defendant has been charged with felony hit-and-run, along with vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence. Authorities say they are still investigating the car accident.

The victim in this case was reportedly an intelligent and well-rounded student with a passion for marine biology. She was an avid athlete and participated in a variety of community service activities. The woman’s community in her home state of Massachusetts is reportedly mourning her passing.

Family members of those who have been killed by a drunk driver or negligent driver may be entitled to financial compensation. Even if that driver is not convicted of criminal charges, civil allegations may still be levied against the at-fault party. A California attorney may be able to advise family members about their legal rights and options after such a tragic fatal crash.

Source: Sentinel & Enterprise, “Mass. woman killed by alleged drunk driver in California” Grant Welker, Lowell Sun, Apr. 01, 2014