CPSC Issues Warning about Baby Monitors

Federal agencies are warning about the risk to children when baby monitors are not kept safely out of reach of children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission along with a children’s products group is issuing a warning about the strangulation hazards with the use of these baby monitors.

Millions of parents across the country use video and audio baby monitors that are intended to alert the parent when the baby is awake, or in need of a feed. However, not many parents are aware that these monitors conceal a possibly dangerous hazard that can actually kill an infant. Since 2002, there have been at least 7 reports of fatalities involving children who were strangled to death after they became entangled in the cords of the baby monitors. At least 3 children suffered near-strangulation incidents involving a baby monitor cord during this period of time.

Federal authorities are taking the threats seriously. Last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission in association with the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association, launched a baby safety campaign. The campaign has been designed to alert parents as well as caregivers about the risks of strangulation from the baby monitor hazards.

The most important thing that parents could do to keep their children safe from these strangulation hazards is to make sure that the baby monitor is located at least 3 feet away from the cribs. A child may be curious, and may reach out to grasp the monitor. If the child gets its hands on the cord of the device, then it’s just a matter of time before the child manages to get the cord wrapped around its neck. This poses a serious strangulation hazard, and those risks are very real.

For now, California personal injury lawyers would not suggest that parents stop using baby monitors altogether. However, it is important that you make sure that these monitors are placed at a safe distance away from your child.