Court: Trucking Companies Required to Provide Drivers Meal Breaks

In an important ruling that has been criticized by trucking companies in California, the California Supreme Court has ruled that trucking companies and other California employers must provide proper meal breaks for employees. The court however, has held that employers are not required to ensure that employees take these breaks.

The decision was delivered in a case against Brinker International Inc. The court held that all employees must be given proper meal breaks, after a specified number of hours on duty. An employee is free to use this meal break for whatever purpose he or she wants.

However, the court also held that employers are not required to ensure that employees do not work during their breaks. This decision by the California Supreme Court removes the penalty payment that employers would have been liable for, if employees voluntarily missed meal breaks.

The verdict requires that trucking companies give drivers a 30-minute meal break within the first 5 hours of each day. This means that employers must provide these breaks, even if they do not have to ensure that their employees take these breaks. The California Trucking Association has criticized the verdict. According to the California Trucking Association president, truckers may be forced to pull over to the side of the road to take the 30-minute break, regardless of the traffic and weather conditions. The California Trucking Association believes that this actually increases the risk of accidents.

Every Los Angeles trucking accident attorney has been pushing for enforcement of regular meal breaks and rest breaks for truckers. It’s important that drivers know that they have the legal right to pull over every few hours for proper meal and rest breaks, so that they can be refreshed and continue on their journey. A well rested and refreshed truck driver is much less likely to be involved in an accident.