Cause unknown for California Metrolink crash that injured 7

Governments are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and upgrading of public roads. Multiple motor vehicle accidents in the same spot send a signal to officials that something may be wrong with a road design that can be improved. Los Angeles accident victims frequently pay the price for government errors like inadequate traffic signals, poor lighting and other road defects.

Railroad companies are accountable for the safety of road crossings. The government is also involved in making sure that happens. The California Public Utilities Commission inspects railroad crossings, investigates complaints and accidents and enforces crossing safety laws.

Investigators aren’t certain why a Metrolink train collided with a car in Burbank. The unidentified sedan driver survived but suffered critical injuries. A train accident at the same location 11 years ago killed a truck driver and injured more than 30 train passengers.

In the recent, mid-afternoon accident, the impact from the train caused the sedan to roll over multiple times. The car then slammed into a soundwall adjacent to a freeway. Rescue crews had to extricate the badly injured man from the crushed vehicle.

None of the train cars derailed during the crash, although debris littered the streets surrounding the intersection. The Metrolink was carrying a minimum of 165 passengers at the time of the accident. Half a dozen passengers were hospitalized after reporting injuries.

Burbank police investigators stated it appeared the railroad crossing signals and lights were operational. Authorities are trying to determine whether the railroad crossing equipment malfunctioned. Authorities, lacking another reason to explain what happened, said a suicide attempt had not been ruled out.

Several agencies — including law enforcers, insurers and local, state and federal government officials — may conduct independent accident investigations. California crash victims and their families can benefit from involving personal injury attorneys early in the investigation process, while witness accounts and evidence are clear and fresh.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “Driver in critical condition after car demolished by Metrolink train” Susan Abram, Sep. 02, 2014