California street racing leads to 1 death

Authorities in Long Beach, California, say that two cars were allegedly involved in street racing when one of the vehicles crashed, killing one person. Another person who was involved in the accident did survive but suffered from serious injuries. The other car apparently ran from the scene of the crash.

The incident took place down on Ocean Boulevard. The Long Beach Fire Department told reporters that it happened just after 10 p.m.

Firefighters who responded after the crash did not see it happen, but they did talk to witnesses at the scene. Those witnesses are the ones who made the allegations about street racing. They said that the two cars were involved in a race when one went out of control. They did not know why that car lost control, but they did say that both of the people riding in it were thrown out in the accident.

Further reports from the scene indicate that the car that crashed was a yellow Honda. They also say that the car smashed into a tree, ejecting the driver and passenger.

On top of that, police reported that they tracked down and arrested the person that they believe was the other driver. Witnesses assisted the police in finding him. They are questioning him now, but no charges have been announced as of yet.

When an accident involves a serious injury and the driver of another car flees the scene, it is important for the person who was hurt — or the family of anyone who was killed — to know what rights they could have to seek compensation if that driver is found to be at fault.

Source: My Fox LA, “One Dead, One Injured In Street Racing Crash” Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio, Jul. 22, 2014