Bus accident at golf course leaves 12 injured, including driver

A school bus accident in Anaheim, California, on April 24 left a dozen people injured — including the bus driver — as the vehicle smashed into a tree on an area golf course. Official reports show that the bus accident occurred as the vehicle was driving back to El Rancho Charter Middle School when it rammed into the tree during the mid-afternoon hours. Authorities say they are investigating the collision, and they have retrieved data monitors from the bus in order to aid in the inquiry.

The on-site bus crash investigation was concluded on the evening of April 24. Authorities say that it appears that the bus driver, age 24, did not even attempt to brake before striking the tree. Indeed, students report that the driver appeared sick before the collision occurred. The driver has worked with the school district since 2010, but it is not clear whether he has been involved in previous accidents. That man remained in the hospital after the collision.

Of the 11 other accident victims, two of the students remained hospitalized the day after the crash. Psychologists and counselors were present at the Orange County middle school to help students cope with the events that unfolded as the bus returned from an extracurricular activity. Students and parents alike were shaken by the news of the crash. Further, district representatives say they are working together with the California Highway Patrol to determine the cause of the wreck.

Children who get on a school bus should not have to worry about potentially suffering serious injuries in a vehicle-related crash. Other motorists have a responsibility to pay attention around school buses, but the drivers of these vehicles should also be responsible for the safety of their riders. Negligent bus drivers must be held accountable for causing accidents that affect so many young lives.

Source: NBC 4 Southern California, “Black Box, Cameras Recovered From School Bus Crash” Andrew Lopez, Kate Larsen and Vikki Vargas, Apr. 25, 2014