Burn injuries go beyond immediate pain and suffering

When looking at burn injuries in California, it is important to note that the immediate pain and suffering that a person feels after the incident is by no means the entire scope of that incident. It often goes far beyond that, and some injuries could impact a person for the rest of his or her life.

To start with, the treatments necessary could be expensive and long-lasting. These treatments include skin grafts, where healthy skin is used to replace the damaged skin. After this is done, both areas have to heal, and multiple grafts could be needed. This is not a process that ends quickly, and it can cause serious discomfort for the injured party.

On top of that, rehabilitation may be needed. People who have been severely burned often have trouble using those parts of their bodies, which could include their hands and arms, depending on exactly what occurred. Physical therapy can take months or years, and they may never get the functionality back that they enjoyed before the accident.

Finally, people’s lives could be altered forever because of their burns. They may not be able to get specific jobs that they once wanted if the injuries are too severe, limiting what they can do physically. They may suffer alterations to their appearance that impact their basic quality of life and their right to happiness.

An accident that happens in mere seconds can stay present in a person’s life, in one form or another, forever. To learn more about what can legally be done in such a situation, please take a look at our page on burn injuries today.