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Booster Seats Reduce Risk of Death in Accidents

During this 10-year period, a number of states across the country enacted booster seat laws that required older children to be restrained in a booster seat. These laws were enacted in about 47 states and the District of Columbia, although the laws differed in their provisions.

The researchers then compared the fatality rates before these laws were passed, with the rates after the laws were passed. They found that the car accident fatality rates involving 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds was 5.7 deaths per 100,000 children, and those numbers had dropped to 4.2 fatalities after the laws were passed.

Booster seat laws, simply put, have helped save thousands of lives in accidents, and have helped reduce the risk of injury to children. However, more could be done to expand booster seat use. Many parents still don’t use booster seats correctly, or push their children into booster seats much before they are ready for these restraints. According to estimates, more than 50% of 4-to-7-year-old children who are involved in fatal accidents were not safely restrained in a booster seat or a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children must be restrained in booster seats at least until they reach 8 years of age, or touch 4’9″ in height. Auto accidents are the number one cause of death for American children, and booster seats can help reduce those risks.

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