Personal Injury – Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • BADD Cyclists Rally For Good Cause – A group of cyclists drew attention to distracted driving caused by cellphone use, and to the many cyclists injured by this negligent behavior, during the Amgen Tour of California.
  • Is Hands-Free Driving Safer? – The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) believes that hands-free devices help, but do not eliminate the distraction.

Personal Injury – Premises Liability Claims

  • What Should You Do If You Slip Or Trip & Fall? – Safety experts believe that more than 70 percent of slip/trip and fall injuries were caused by external circumstances (such as negligent maintenance) rather than being the fault of the injured individual. Read and follow these guidelines to protect your health and your legal rights.

Personal Injury – Other

Types Of Injuries

Product Liability

  • DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall – The manufacturer has voluntarily recalled this product, and a class-action law suit has been launched. If you believe you’ve had a hip replacement using this product, please consult our lawyers; we have significant experience handling defective medical device claims.
  • Understanding Liability for Product Defects – The outcome of this case is not yet final. Legal cases like these hold manufacturers accountable for producing and selling unsafe vehicles, and help to make our roads safer.

Product Liability – Children’s Products

Medical Malpractice