Airline victims suing Boeing for defective design, poor training

A group of travelers involved in a California plane accident in 2013 have filed personal injury suits against the company that manufactured the aircraft. The victims claim that they were injured by the defective design that had been included in the Boeing 777 passenger jet, which reportedly featured poor auto-throttle control and other types of warning systems, according to representatives for the plaintiffs.

In all, about 100 people have been named as plaintiffs in the suit; more than 300 passengers were on the plane when it crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport in July 2013.

Not only was the plane itself defective, according to the suit, but Boeing should also have known that Asiana Airlines pilots had not been properly instructed in landing and safety techniques. Further, the company is accused of knowingly allowing unqualified pilots to fly the plane during that trip. In fact, the plane’s pilots admitted that they realized the aircraft was approaching the runway at a slow speed; they set the auto-throttle to correct the problem, but they did not realize until it was too late that the speed of the aircraft had not increased.

Although Boeing’s 737 jetliners are equipped with audible warnings for low airspeed, the 777 model has not been outfitted with this technology. The consequences of that alleged oversight were devastating; three people died and more than 180 suffered injury in the plane crash. Other suits have already been filed in the case, though the outcome of those civil cases has not been reported. Plaintiffs in the case are seeking unspecified damages through a jury trial.

Victims of mass transportation accidents have a right to recover financial damages from a variety of sources, including the negligent manufacturer that allowed a faulty product to take to the skies. Such victims may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, medical costs and a variety of other civil claims.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Passengers from Asiana crash sue Boeing” Juan Perez Jr., Jan. 17, 2014