3 teens hurt, 1 critical, after car in California hits them

Oakwood School, which is found in North Hollywood, California, is reeling after three students were hit by a car while they were walking near the school. Security guards were out in force the next day, helping to keep people safe. All three teen girls were sent to the hospital after the crash; one of them is reportedly in critical condition.

Allegedly, the girls were returning from a physical education class that was held nearby. The class took place at North Hollywood Park, which is found on the same street as the school itself — Magnolia Boulevard. There are a pair of freeway ramps between the park and the school, and the girls had to cross those ramps to get back to the building. While crossing one of them, they were hit by a car coming down the ramp.

The driver who hit them was in a Prius, and he is 48 years old. He was coming from the 170 Freeway, and there was a red light at the end of the ramp. He attempted to stop, he says, but his brakes then failed. As a result, he could do nothing but sail through the red light, which resulted in his striking the teens with his car. More than a dozen people were there to see the accident take place.

After a serious injury, the families of those who have been injured, like the three girls in this story, need to know what legal rights they have to seek compensation for medical bills. This compensation can often be obtained from those who were at fault, whether that turns out to be the driver or the car company.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “School Stunned After Girls Injured in Car Crash” Kim Baldonado and Kelly Goff, Jun. 05, 2014