1 dead, 4 critical after SUV plows through California shop

One person has been killed and four others were in critical condition as of the last reports after an SUV plowed through a doughnut shop in Los Angeles, California. The entire incident was caught on tape by the surveillance cameras. The driver of the SUV survived the accident, and she has not yet been charged. She is 42 years old.

The crash happened right around 9:30 in the evening. The woman was driving a Jeep Liberty when the SUV went out of control. It slammed into the wall of the shop, smashing people, tables and everything else out of the way.

One man who was sitting near the window of the shop, who did not suffer major injuries, said that all of the metal slammed into him, pushing him backwards. He said that it felt like the whole world slowed down.

Video from the scene shows the car barrel into the store, smashing one man into a cooler and pushing another man to the side as he sits at a table. The SUV then crashes back out of the store and bounces out of sight. The man by the cooler appears to be all right, as he jumps up on one of the few chairs that was not knocked over.

The man who was killed was, according to the man who owns the shop, a local homeless man who he frequently let come into the store to charge up his phone.

People who have been injured by out-of-control vehicles need to make sure that they know what rights they have to seek compensation for those injuries.

Source: KHON2, “Deadly SUV crash into Los Angeles shop caught on surveillance tape” Darsha Philips, Oct. 05, 2014